Altitude Roofing offers a complete suite of highly rated commercial and residential roofing services

Comprehensive Residential & Commercial Roofing Services

New England weather can be varied and extreme, from significant heat to blizzards. A sturdy, energy-efficient roof is essential to keep your property safe and comfortable year-round. Altitude Roofing offers a complete suite of commercial and residential roofing services for business owners and homeowners throughout the area. With our top-quality products, 20-plus years of experience, and exemplary craft, you can rest assured knowing your property has proper protection against the elements.


When installing a new roof, many homeowners and business owners believe it’s as simple as throwing a few new shingles on top of your old ones.

Your roof has flashing systems, ventilation systems, membranes, waterproofing barriers, and a roof deck beneath all those shingles. Your roof has a big job: protecting your home/business from all types of weather and moisture, providing insulation to help conserve energy, and enhancing overall curb appeal!

When it comes time to install a new roof, you want to be sure all of your roof’s systems are safe and protected.


If your roof has a leak, water damage, missing shingles, or any other flaws, prompt repairs can ensure your household and/or business remains protected. Professional repairs can also extend your roof’s lifespan, reducing the need for constant replacement.


Eventually, even the best roofs require replacement. We offer a broad array of premium materials, including asphalt shingle roof systems, cedar shake roof systems,  metal roof systems, composite roof systems, slate roofing, TPO, PVC, and EPDM roof systems from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Allowing our roofing team to install a beautiful roof will not only protect your home or business for decades but also enhance your property value.


Roof restorations can be a delicate process on older and historic buildings. We at Altitude Roofing take the utmost care to restore your roof to its original speciation. We can even source period-specific roofing materials, carefully ensuring your restoration meets historical society criteria.


We inspect every roof before starting any project. Having our team professionally inspect your roof will ensure the best action is taken for your project. This is done as best practice and gives our team the information and details needed to tailor the project to your specific needs to guarantee a safe and efficient repair.

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Based in Worcester, MA, Altitude Roofing has been one of New England’s premier roofing companies for many years. We dedicate ourselves to our customers and community. We take pride in helping property owners upgrade their homes and businesses with top-quality roofing solutions for years of lasting protection.

We are proud to service our fellow New England families and businesses in Central MA, Northern RI, Southern NH, MetroWest MA, and Boston!